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Juegos: Under a Killing Moon, Tex Murphy: Overseer, The Pandora Directive, Martian Memorandum, Mean Streets

Compañías: Access Software

Trugolf inc.

Rueda » Thank you Chris for having us. The first question is inevitable for those who in those days (or even today) enjoied your games. In what projects are you involved corrently?

Chis J. » I am a partner in a company called TRU GOLF. It is a company that was created as part of Access Software to sell golf courses and golf products to the large golf simulators that you can actually play on. We are looking to expand our product line to sports such as cycling and other fitness applications.

Rueda » The adventure games were something regular in Access (apart from the simulation games), and they were also very good. Did Access followed a good path or this was the consequence of the closure? Do you think that nowadays a studio like that would be "doable"?

Chis J. » The path was certainly good for us during the mid nineties. The TEX MURPHY series were successful although there is no doubt the market for this type of product was shrinking because of the many inferior products in this category. As for whether this product would be successful today, I think all product lines are cyclical and I think you will see many elements of the adventure game products being incorporated into other types of games. This line will be resurrected but in a slightly different way.

Tex Murphy: Overseer

Tex Murphy: Overseer

Rueda » The Tex Murphy's series has been from day one a standar for other adventures: using real actors. It's not a cheap tecnic, not only for the tecnical part but also for the actors themselfs. How could Access use that tecnic so regularly?

Chis J. » The biggest reason is because we believed in what we were doing. We looked at our type of product as creating a new form of entertainment that an older audience could play that would be thought provoking and fun without just being mindless entertainment. I believe our legacy is that we actually accomplished our goal but we were just ahead of our time.

Rueda » Access Software was buyed by Microsoft, but documents such as these:( D=1032210-03-61&SID=03-00)seems to say that the buy wasn't very peaceful. Did Microsoft buyed Access roughly or did you stopped trying?

Chis J. » The sale was not the result of coercion. It felt the right decision at the time for both parties.

Rueda » Many amateur adventures look to recreate a style like the one in Overseer, such is the case with Conspiracies. The success in this last game is such that there's a secuel on the way. How would you recommend the Tex Murphy saga?

Chis J. » I honestly don't know but we haven't given up on doing a sequel in some fashion and are pursuing a number of avenues to see if it is possible.

« I think this type of product could be done in 3d because of the tremendous strides made in character modelin »

Rueda » During a time you directed on your own until Adrian Carr came along; also you wrote on your own (or with Bruce) the Tex Murphy games until Aaron Corners came. Is it hard to assume all these roles inside the production, or does it help to make sure everything is the way you want?

Chis J. » It helps to bring in professionals who understand their craft better than you do. It also makes a huge difference to work with people who can see your vision and then add their input to make the overall vision even stronger. That's what both Adrian and Aaron brought to the TEX MURPHY series.

Rueda » Your collaboration in Blood Makes Noise is your first one in a pure film, dispite that it's only a short film. Did you liked the experience? What area do you think it's the hardest, the games or the film's one?

Chis J. » I always enjoy working with Adrian. I really wasn't involved in the shooting because of my work commitments but we discussed the film and the promotion. I would like to be more involved in the future.

Rueda » Many writers like to innovate adding violence, shooting and such to their games, and some even regret of doing adventure games. Are you happy with your productions? If you could make a new game, would you follow the concept of mixing "live action" with 3D?

Chis J. » We worked hard to avoid unnecessary violence in our products. When we had violence, it was for a specific purpose for the stories impact. I think this type of product could be done in 3d because of the tremendous strides made in character modeling.

Tex Murphy: Overseer

Tex Murphy: Overseer

Rueda » From unoficialtexmurphy, Aaron has been saying that he's working on a new project. Are you involved in the new project? Have you bought the license of Tex Murphy? What can you tell us about this?

Chis J. » Aaron is working on bringing a fresh perspective to a new snowboarding game. It is adding a new dimension that is witty and very clever. We still work together on outside projects and I am sure we will continue to do so.

Rueda » In some websites we can read that your company had easy access to some actors probably because they were not on their peak, or because they wanted to be pioneers on the new technologies. However the casting and the recording wasn't an easy deal, and they might have left some funny anecdotes. Do you remember any?

Chis J. » Tanya Roberts could never keep track of her script. Michael York's ability to memorize dialog but in the end he had to use a teleprompter because of the sheer size of the script we gave him to do in 4 days. Margot Kidders off color jokes that were hilarious. Barry Corbin's stories that was fascinating about the business. Kevin McCarthy's stories about the great actors in Hollywood that he had worked with were a joy.a.

Rueda » Tex Murphy is a detective from the '40s in the years of a nuclear postwar. In some way it's a mix between sci-fi and investigation, and the literary level was high. What were the influences in Tex Murphy?

Chis J. » My biggest influences have been Sam Spade / Phillip Marlowe novels / The movie Casablanca / The movie "Out of the Past" - The acting style of Robert Mitchum / The movie " Blade Runner" / The TV series " The Twilight Zone"

We thank you for your time and we wish you luck. Thanks, Chris!


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